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In both cases, if the certificate is revoked, the revocation date is determined by comparing the current date with the Revocation Date field in the CRL or the OCSP response.

Although the default behavior in Windows Vista is to prefer OCSP URLs in the authority information access extension to CRL distribution point URLs, it is not realistic to assume that OCSP will always be preferred over CRLs.

A method, system and program are disclosed for accelerating data storage in a cache appliance cluster that transparently monitors NFS and CIFS traffic between clients and NAS subsystems and caches files using dynamically adjustable cache policies which populate the storage cache using behavioral adaptive...

The validation will continue from the root CA certificate to the entity certificate presented to the application. I recently had to sit down and figure out exactly how it works, and thought I’d take a moment to write it up. Because open source development is more about individuals than organisations, Wotif staff members don’t really have much to do with ehcache development. You can monitor cache hits and misses in detail by turning the logging for the up. it was initially written at Wotif, to overcome problems with the Jakarta JCS project. Since it was originally released, ehcache has grown somewhat and has a modest direct following. If you regularly see the same set of objects going in and out of the cache, you know you need a larger cache to be truly effective.For example, depicts a typical NAS system 100 in which a number of PCs, workstations and application servers (clients) use a network 10 to access storage resources on a number of remote network attached storage and file servers (or filers).In the depicted system 100, each of the networked PC or workstation devices 12-14 and application servers 16-18 may act as a storage client that is connected to the network 10 by the appropriate routers 11 and switches 15 to remotely store and retrieve data with one or more NAS filers 1-6, which in turn are connected to the network 10 by the appropriate routers 9 and switches 7-8.

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