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A.’s organically minded Urth Caffé has been the go-to spot for the Entourage crew since the series’ earliest days.

That’s good or bad, depending on what you thought of the television show.

Seasons: One and Two Episodes: “New York” and “Exodus” Like a second-choice Urth Caffe, Toast Bakery Cafe is yet another low-key brunch spot where the boys can escape the luxe trappings of celebrity life.

In the first season, it serves as a spot to reminisce about the good-old days growing up in New York (shortly before Vince is set to return home to shoot a new movie).

So, in an effort to get to know the cast a little better — for better (Grenier seems like a really good guy) or worse (Connelly does not) — here are 15 Facts You Probably Don’t Know About the Cast of Entourage. Adrian Grenier very narrowly lost out to James Van Der Beek for the lead role in Dawson’s Creek (he also auditioned for Joshua Jackson’s role of Pacey).

They said it couldn't be done, but Doug Ellin and his crew finally did it.

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