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Year round, visitors and locals flock to the waterfront to feast on fresh seafood and gaze out at the yachts bristling in the harbor.

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Well worth a visit to what seems to be a lovely peaceful rural community !Often dusted with snow - even in summer, Mount Wellington (1,270 m) undulates to the west of Hobart like a gentle slumbering giant.A narrow 21 km mountain road winds its way up from the Huon Highway to the summit through temperate rain forest and subalpine scenery.Doting Damien appeared especially attentive on their getaway, bestowing Fifi with kisses as she put her feet up on a sunbed.The Neighbours co-stars fell in love shortly after Damien separated from his wife Nicole Riches.

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    Both in casual ensembles, wearing T-shirts, baseball caps and loose trousers, the pair sat on a bench by the eatery as they embraced.