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Cradlepoint Chat Support is available Monday-Friday from 6am to 6pm Mountain Time.Live Chat Support may require active Cradle Care Support.Important note: do not send trading instructions or account instructions by email.Email should be used for general enquiries only and Questrade will not act on any instructions sent using email. Questrade will not accept any financial liability for any act or failure to act on the instructions in an email.It allows to engage in a natural way as it’s much more convenient that phone calls.It also gives the opportunity to customize the message and tailor it to customers’ needs. Millenials, our customers of the future, prefer live chat over phone calls and emails.

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Failure to provide a valid VAT number may result in the transaction being treated as a consumer transaction and subject to VAT.

With Netop Live Guide, your agents can easily handle multiple concurrent interactions, smoothly transfer calls to other team members and quickly share prepared content with end users.

The net result: more efficient incident management and improved end-user satisfaction.

SIMs can be ordered anytime via the EMnify portal; you will see a green “Order SIM” button in the top right-hand corner of the EMnify portal home screen.

The SIMs will be shipped immediately upon completion of payment.

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