Dating in the work place and new york laws

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If your company has a policy that prohibits dating within the workplace, then your employer has every right to inquire about a relationship that you may have with another employee within the company.

Companies that have policies that prohibit inner workplace relationships have been upheld by the courts, even if you are dating another employee who is in a different location.

Usually, an employer may choose to prohibit dating within the company if there is a workplace dating policy in place.

This rule usually applies to all classes of workers and upper management.

The American Bar Association notes that in 2012, there were 163,798 practicing attorneys in the state of New York. New York also holds the record for the highest level of employment of lawyers in any state in the union for 2012, at 67,210, or 7.87 per every 1000 jobs.

Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) of the U. Department of Labor states that the estimates that the annual mean wage of New York lawyers in 2012 was 1,850, making New York attorneys the fourth-highest paid in the nation that year.

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