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They will include presentations, music, videos, Q&A, performance and a walking tour.

The events are all free of charge and refreshments will be provided.

Please can we ask all members and non members to keep an eye on subtitles over the Christmas period and report back to us on any problems you face. Concessionary access tickets and specific seating requirements can be arranged through South Bank free Access Scheme.

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The Budget on Wednesday 8 March provides the Prime Minister with a chance to help resolve the crisis facing health and care services. NADP members are reporting increasing issues with the quality of subtitles on TV particularly those for live television programs. This show is Speech-to-Text-transcribed, with British Sign Language Interpretation and Audio Description available for the performance on Thursday 8 September.Some of her close family members also lived an above-average lifespan, although none lived anywhere near as long as Jeanne: her older brother François lived to the age of 97, her father to six days shy of 93, and her mother to 86.From the age of seven until her first holy communion, Jeanne Calment attended Madame Benet's church primary school in Arles, and then attended the local college, finishing at the age of 16 with the diploma brevet classique, after which she continued to live with her parents, awaiting marriage, painting, and improving her piano skills.This article will run you through the two types of hearing test appointments; use it to get yourself fully informed before going down to the nearest audiologist.Hearing Health Check Procedure Of the two, the health check is the quicker.

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