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A 1964 shooting at a political rally claimed three lives as parties campaigned for the pre-independence elections.

Actual budget outturn compared to originally approved budget deviated more than 15% in two of the last three completed fiscal years.“[But] we are still able to meet our annual targets in terms of both [electricity] generation and water transfer.” When the Katse Dam was built in the nineties, Lesotho was dubbed the ‘Water Castle’ for South Africa, which surrounds it on all sides.It was negotiated that the dam would supply Lesotho with hydroelectricity, and the cities of Pretoria and Johannesburg in South Africa with water.In short, independence in Lesotho for political leaders might feel about as festive as daily life does for the majority of the Basotho citizens, many of whom struggle to get by in a country long on political dysfunction and short on economic opportunity, even as they hope for solid governance.The intertwining of political disputes with the security forces has been the independence legacy for 50 years now in Lesotho.

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